Using the Collection

We actively encourage both UA and external researchers to utilize the LTRR's world-class repository of tree-ring specimens.  

Specimens at the LTRR presently fall into two categories: active research collections (administered by the project principal investigator - PI); and archived collections (administered by the Curator of Collections).

The first step in requesting a loan is to identify the specimens you need. The LTRR does not yet have a publicly accessible search portal so prior to most loan requests you will need to submit a specimen and records search request.  Please email the curator with as much detail as you can. Once you have the list of required specimens the procedure is as follows:

Loan Procedure

  1. The applicant downloads and completes the loan request form and sends either to the Curator (for archived collections) or to the Curator and the PI (for active research collections).

  2. The proposal will be reviewed with potential exchange to clarify the request. There will be additional scrutiny on requests including destructive analysis.

  3. The applicant will be notified and sent an invoice outlining the costs of preparing the loan including sub-sampling, cataloging any uncataloged specimens, and shipping.

  4. On receipt of payment the specimens will be prepared and dispatched.

  5. The applicant will perform great science!

  6. The applicant will return specimens within the agreed time frame (normally 6 months unless agreed otherwise).

  7. The applicant will acknowledge the LTRR in all publications resulting from the use of the specimens. The applicant will forward copies of all these publications to the LTRR Curator.

Loan Request Form

Please complete this form and email to the curator to formally request the loan of specimens from the LTRR Collection.